We sell CTC tea in bulk form, packed in jute boeing / jute laminated bags or tea chests. Our bulk tea is primarily marketed by way of public auction system, private sales and direct sales.

Our bulk tea is available in packages of 26 kgs and 35 kgs contained in jute boeing, jute laminated bags and wooden chests and is sold all over the country.

Our tea is packed fresh and symbolizes high quality. It is most popular in Haryana, especially Primary grades like BP and BOPSM. Our tea has also developed a niche market in Rajasthan for its ‘Fanning grades’ such as OF, PD and small quantities of BOPSM. Following Haryana and Rajasthan, our primary grade tea has captured good market share in Madhya Pradesh and Punjab.

Apart from North and North Western regions of India, our tea is increasingly popular in areas of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra.

Diana Tea Company is constantly seeking expansion by targeting newer regional markets such as Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, where it is gaining momentum in terms of greater popularity and increasing sales.