Company’s Philosophy on code of Governance : The Company’s core business is cultivation and manufacturing of tea and it is amongst the top five producers of tea in the Dooars region of West Bengal. The Company continues to lay utmost importance on continuous upliftment of human assets and economic assets like plantations. The Company’s overall philosophy is excellence in all spheres of its operations.

    Code of Conduct : The Board of Directors has laid down a Code of Conduct for all Board members and all employees in management grade of the Company. All Board members and senior management personnel have confirmed compliance with the code. A declaration signed by the Managing Director forms part of the Annual Report of the Company.

    Audit Committee : The Audit Committee comprises Mr. Harish Parekh, Chairman of the Committee, Mr. N. F. Tankariwala, Independent Director and Mr. Sandeep Singhania, Managing Director of the Company. The terms of reference of the Committee are in line with the norms specified for Audit Committee under the listing Agreement and Section 292A of the Companies Act, 1956.

    Diana Tea Company shows extreme concern about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and this is evident from the day-to-day practices and policies that the company adapts.
    • Being in the Agricultural Sector, Diana Tea Company is extremely environmental friendly and strives to contribute towards preserving nature and our environment. This is done by Rehabilitation of Soil by plantation of green crop and Mimosa. Only bio-degradable and organic material is used for the process of Rejuvenating the Soil to ensure healthy crop. These methods facilitate soil and water conservation through best field management systems.
    • Being located in rural areas, our tea gardens provide several local employment opportunities and contributes towards improvement in standard of living.
    • Immense care is taken to ensure that the necessities of all our stakeholders are met. Being a Labour-Intensive firm, we treasure our employees and ensure their happiness in several ways. To name a few,
      • We provide the workers with 'fire-wood', wheat and rice. Fire wood is provided from the uprooted tea bushes and this prevents destruction of natural vegetation and forests within the region.
      • We provide them with free accommodation, sanitation and water supply.
      • Each estate has a Primary School which provides education free of cost. Moreover, we provide transportation services to transport children to their respective schools.
      • Considerable amount has been invested into construction of a Hospital in each of our estate to ensure health and safety of our employees. These hospitals provide good quality medical facilities free of cost.
      • A Welfare Officer and a Doctor is present in each estate.
      • We aim to initiate a sense of Family Planning amongst the workers and provide them with necessary medications and precautions. We also hold Polio Camps to ensure good health.
      • We also provide basic amenities such as footwear, blankets and umbrellas to comply with legal requirements.

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